My life has been a study of money.

Who makes money. Who doesn’t. And why.

I’ve distilled a lifetime of lessons down to just seven skills.

Any woman with these seven skills can create a 7-figure income.

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"Working with Kelly feels like winning the lottery. I feel so lucky to have her as my coach. She is a total game-changer for my life and in my business. I came to Kelly to help me develop my coaching business. I could not understand why I was struggling to get more clients. I was working hard, but my business was not taking off. I was feeling defeated and hopeless. Kelly helped me see what was holding me back. She helped me shape my offer and communicate about it through storytelling. She unleashed what I always knew was there, but I could not access on my own. Kelly brings invaluable knowledge, and her approach is unique. She is patient and dedicated 1000% to the success of her clients."
Eli Bajet
Happiness Coach
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